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Massage Services

*Every massage can be customized to your needs*

Signature Massage

Customized massage blending relaxation and therapeutic techniques to address your problems at their core. Includes muscle-soothing heat, and may include cupping.

Add $10 for deep tissue

Available in 30,60,90, and 120 minutes

$45 | $80 | $110 | $130


Back, Neck and Shoulders​

 Melt your stress away with a custom massage focusing on these tense areas,  and incorporating heat and a muscle-soothing essential oil blend! Add on CBD massage oil to really enhance the relaxation!

Add $10 for deep tissue

Available in 30, 60, and 90 minutes

$45 | 80 | $110

Foot Massage

Address the stress in your feet! May also be done with medicupping™ for plantar faciitis.

30 minutes


Heaven and Earth

Deeply relax tight muscles- first with soothing hot stones, then with medicupping™ on the back, neck, and shoulders. This treatment is finished with gentle face lifting & draining medicupping™ and a foot massage.

75 minutes


Face Lift and Sinus Drain Medicupping™​

Very popular! 30 minute gentle facial medicupping™ (does not leave "cup kisses"/red circles). Helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, reducing the symptoms of sinus discomfort. Can also tighten collagen, giving a brightened and lifted look, and helps reduce fine lines and puffiness. Enjoy as a single service; works best as a cumulative treatment.

30 minutes


Full-body Lymphatic Drainage​

Just needing to get the lymph moving? Needing a massage but sensitive to pressure? The light, pumping medicupping™ setting is a gentle way to get stimulate lymphatic movement, as well as calm the central nervous system. A great service to add CBD oil!

60 minutes 


Body Detoxify Cocoon​

Very gentle and relaxing, full-body medicupping™ treatment. Useful to move lymph from stagnant areas, reducing overall bloat (I'm looking at you, love handles and saddle bags!). Also includes facial medicupping™. Great for post-sporting event soreness, addressing "bloated" areas, or relaxation. Overall benefits usually noticed after 10-12 consecutive treatments.

100-120 minutes


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