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Technique using glass cups to lift and separate tissues, un-sticking fascia,  helping to pull out inflammation, reduce pain and muscle tension, soften adhesions and internal or external scar tissue, drain sinuses and lessen solid bloat. Many times, what we feel as a knot or area of tenderness can be attributed to stickiness in the tissues or areas of stagnation. Medicupping™ helps to loosen these areas, as well as helping remove inflammation. Great for those deep aches; achy arthritic joints; chronic tender areas that seem to return soon after a massage; reducing the appearance of and softening scar tissue, and reducing sinus inflammation.

Medicupping™ is based on ancient eastern medicine techniques. Instead of using heat to create vacuum within the glass cups, the medicupping machine holds the negative pressure at a constant level. This results in the ability to replicate a treatment by keeping track of the level used; to fine-tune the level being used to a very low or very high intensity; to use a pumping setting to reduce areas of tenderness or to do lymphatic drainage; and to be able to glide and massage with the cups over a large area.

The big question is always- will it leave marks? The areas of discoloration that sometimes appear are areas of stagnation. They are not bruises, as no capillaries are broken;I like to call them cup kisses, or health hickies! If cup kisses are something you would like to avoid, this is where the pump setting, or a lighter gliding come in useful! And kisses are never left in face sessions!

If you have any questions about how cupping may help you, and how we may tailor this treatment for your maximum benefit, please do not hesitate to email or call!

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